The website organicperoxidestorage.co.uk is owned by Empteezy and was set-up to provide a dedicated hub for anyone storing or using organic peroxides. If you are looking for advice or would like to arrange a site visit to find the right storage solution for your specific application, please get in touch.

Empteezy has more than 30 years helping customers around the world with their liquid storage needs. During that time we have built up a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. We have a comprehensive range of standard products which are supported by our tailored service which allows us to custom build storage units to suit the exact storage requirements of the organic peroxides you have on site.

The process is really easy and entails no commitment from you other than to agree an appointment date and time for us to visit and discuss your project with you.

For further information on Organic Peroxide Storage, check our resources section, which is regularly updated with handy guides, latest news and more.